NIH Ox/Cam Programme

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Ox/Cam programme was launched in 2001 as the first ever NIH-UK shared scholars programme and boasts over 100 students. In addition to the scholars programme the NIH launched a further collaboration with Oxford and Cambridge with a joint MD/PhD programme in 2005. The MD/PhD programme now has over 50 students enrolled. This unique programme has fostered strong research collaborations between the NIH and Cambridge.

This 4-year doctoral programme is based on collaboration between two research labs – one in Cambridge and one in the NIH; the student is supervised jointly by a supervisor at each institution and spends, on average, half of their time at NIH and half in Cambridge.

Candidates who are US nationals are selected by the NIH in an annual competition in February; see the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge website for full details of the scheme and how to apply. A standard PhD (4-year) route is available, and also an MD/PhD route for candidates interweaving doctoral research with their clinical training in the US.  The application deadline to the NIH for the PhD programme is 03 December 2013.

The programme collaborates with Gates Cambridge, Cambridge Overseas Trust and the TMAT programme and a number of other funding bodies to extend the number of students who can join the scheme. Each funding body has their own specific set of application instructions and the student will still need to apply separately to the NIH OxCam programme. All applicants must apply to the university by  the set deadline and complete Section B (about funding) to indicate either COT/GATES/TMAT.  Please contact CATO for any assistance required. 

In addition, a small number of students from the UK and EU area can be admitted to the programme through the Wellcome Trust – NIH partnership programme  and the Wellcome Trust TMAT programme.

Wellcome Trust and National Institutes of Health (USA) PhD Studentships 2014
Across the UK, the Wellcome Trust’s PhD programmes for clinicians are inviting applications from individuals with aspirations to pursue a career in academic medicine. Application deadline: 4 November 2013 (please note that this is a change from the previously advertised deadline of 30 September 2013). Shortlisted candidate interviews: 9-10 December 2013

Details of further funding streams can be found on Cambridge Funding Search 

 Informational Flyers

2013 flyers for the NIH M.D./Ph.D. Partnership Training Program andOxCamFlyer2014 and MDPhDFlyer are now available. Please feel free to post to a bulletin board near you.