Academic Clinical Fellowships

Welcome to the information site for Academic Clinical Fellows (ACFs) at Cambridge.�

This site provides information on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded ACF programme and locally funded programme including:

  • Announcements of advertised posts
  • Modular teaching and training
  • Bursary funding
  • Administrative support
  • Fellowship opportunities

Advertised Posts - Each year, the NIHR run a national advert in the Autumn offering posts across the UK.  In order to locate a post within the specialty area you desire, please visit the LETB website, where you can download the further particulars of each specialty post. Recruitment for 2014 intake is now closed and completed.  However, there will be further opportunities in Rond2 planned for February/March 2014. Details to be posted by the end of January 2014.  Go to the LETB website for more details.

Modular Teaching and Training – There is an academic teaching pathway available to all National and Local ACFs in Cambridge.

The timetable for ACFs and AFYs can be found on TMAT please visit our site.

Bursary Funding – Each national ACF has access to funding to cover much of the MPhil costs and is also entitled to £1000 per annum in academic related courses, conferences and travel to conferences and training courses. Please click on the “Bursary Funding” link to the right to claim this funding.

Administrative Support - The CATO office has been established within the Clinical School to offer a wide range of administrative services. The office will act as a hub for departmental communication and assist students in locating supervisors. It will also facilitate the first stages of the application process to any clinical academic programme and liaise with the Higher Degrees office and the School of Clinical Medicine.

Fellowship Opportunities – CATO  will periodically send interested applicants information about available funding for fellowships via email and are available to discuss this application process with you. Please visit also our Funding News link for more information.

All National & Local ACFs are awarded run-through training and in most cases in their first choice specialty.  Trainees must be reminded to complete Form R for run-through training.  The form can be downloaded from the Deanery website and must include agreement from the Specialty training Programme director that run-through training has been agreed.

The CATO office arranges various events throughout the year. Please go to the AFY Events page for more detail:

ACF Trainee Guidance Booklet – 2013 ACF trainees guidelines FINAL